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Lost Paws Inc is a Federally Registered Non-Profit Community Organization and Response Team, who’s main focus is to help reunite lost pets with their families.

If your pet is LOST, we will help spread the word via social media and in many cases, by physically searching for your pet until they are found and returned home safely.
If you have FOUND a pet, we will try to help locate the owners by spreading the word via social media.

We offer our services free of charge for anyone in the community who needs it.

Lost your pet?

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Here are the things we recommend to do:

  • Contact Lost Paws Inc by phone: 226-444-4301, or by email: info@lostpawsinc.ca, or by clicking the button below and completing our online form.
    Lost Paws Inc will create a poster and spread the word on social media sites. If required, we will dispatch our Response Team
  • Place an article of clothing or your pet’s bed outside as the scent can help lure them home
  • Put litter box outside if your pet is a cat as the scent will travel far
  • Contact your local Humane Society and file a lost pet report
  • Ask neighbours
  • If possible, put a sign on your lawn indicating you have lost a pet (Lost Paws Inc can loan a sign for your lawn)
  • Like” our Facebook page, so that you can help follow the post
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Why we do it

We love animals!!!

Many of us have been in the terrifying position of losing a beloved pet and not being sure where to turn for help.

As a result our goal is to alleviate some of that fear and stress by offering our services free of charge to anyone in our community who needs it.

What our clients say

“I don’t even know where to begin to show how thankful I am for what Kim and Murray have done! Last September my little Yorkie-Maltese bolted from our car when we were returning from a family visit at around 9pm on a long weekend Saturday night. It was dark and we lost sight of him very quickly. Within 30 minutes I posted onto the kitchener search and rescue website and I instantly got a response from Kim. Her and her husband Murray quickly hit the streets to help me find my little guy. I was absolutely devastated and we could not find him after hours of searching. On Sunday morning Kim and Murray came back to help search for my dog all day in the smouldering heat. They helped put up posters all over the neighborhood as well as recruit others to help search on foot. After almost 36 hours of searching we finally found him. I can’t thank Kim and Murray enough for taking time out of their long weekend to help us find our pet. Such amazing selfless people they are! So very thankful!”

Monika and Justin

“A few months back our little Lola escaped from the house, we were devastated and worried, and turned to social media. Crystal immediately messaged us providing assistance and support. She quickly made up a poster regarding Lola, and passed the message along to others that she was missing. After driving around our neighbourhood and putting the posters up, Lola was found the next day. We are very thankful for all that Crystal did, for acting so quickly to help us, and for the reassurance that was given. It’s nice knowing that there are people out there who care, and want to help bring our fur babies back home. All your work and dedication is beyond amazing. Thank you.”

Theresa & Kirsten Barnes

“Earlier this year my mom’s toy shitzu Toby, escaped from his leash during a walk and ran off into the winter night. It was snowy and cold and after looking for almost an hour on our own he was still nowhere to be found. Having worked with Barb in a previous life, I knew she and Chris had a passion for animals and were volunteering to help find lost pets in their spare time. So in a state of desperation I reached out to them at 9PM that evening and asked for their help to find Toby. They instantly responded with a number of questions and asked for a picture. Minutes later, the picture was online, and within 30 minutes they were out helping search for Toby. Fully prepared and had made a plan to execute the search via foot and car. The group of us spent almost 3 hours searching for Toby that night but weren’t able to find him. It was dark, freezing cold and getting late so we decided to stop searching for the night and start fresh the next day. While my poor mom was a wreck, Barb and Chris remained positive and optimistic that Toby would be found and assured us that they would not give up until he was home safe. The searched continued for the majority of the next day until miraculously Kim O’Brien came across a lost dog ad on Kijiji that matched Toby’s description. She quickly got in touch with the person who posted the ad and worked with them to confirm it was in fact Toby before arranging for us to go get him. Barb and Chris met us at the house to ensure the dog was Toby and it totally was!!!! He was reunited with my mom (who loves him more that he’ll ever know) and was able to return home. Thanks to Barb and Chris, their commitment to seeing things through, passion for animals and search and rescue knowledge, Toby was found and our family became whole again. We seriously can’t thank them enough!”

Julie Flaro

Donations Needed

We are always in need of donations to be able to do what we do. The following are a list of items we are in need of.


Traps off all sizes

Traps are used to secure pets in a safe manor.


Large or XLarge dog crates

To adapt for traps or temporarily hold a dog.


Snare Poles

To help secure a dog.


Leashes and Collars

A rescued dog may not have a collar or leash. To be used during transport.


Towels and Blankets



Used for searching at night and for the safety of the volunteer.


Thermal Camera

Used to detect heat sources in dense woods.


Trail Camera

Used to track pet movements.


Wet dog or cat food

Used to bait the live traps. Also to feed rescued pets.


Smoked Bones

Used to bait the live traps.


Chicken broth

Used for scent trails to the live traps.


Dog Treats

Used to lure dogs.




Safety Vests

To keep searchers safe at night.


Infrared Camera

Used to turn the lights on at night when searching.


Cash or Gift Cards

To purchase supplies mentioned above.

Lost Paws Inc is a Federally Registered Non-Profit Community Organization

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